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This should be for everyone haters can hate but I love it

Please fix

I can’t even load the current pictures on my iPad. Yes I did update. Thank you

Was a great app

This was a great app now it won’t load!! Please fix this soon.


I used to love this app and I used it constantly, but I’m not a fan of the new update. It’s really confusing and the set up just looks messy now. Also, I’m only ever able to see art work by people who clearly pay and I don’t think that’s fair Because not everyone can afford it...


I have had this app for awhile, and I love it a lot. This app has been a fantastic relaxer app for me. I love scrolling through the others art and liking and commenting a particularly beautiful picture.

It’s Fun But.....

So, when I found out about this app I at first thought that I would be like all of the adult coloring books that had way too complicated pictures. Boy I was wrong! Yes, some of the pages are kind of complicated and long but, with a lot of patience and practice it’s not that bad. The only down sides of this app is that the give you 100 coins for you to use when you very first start to unlock premium coloring pages or coloring pages that you have missed. In my opinion, 100 coins is not enough! I would at least like 1,000 coins to start with. Another flaw in this app is that sometimes they will make you watch an add if you want to color another free page that just came out. The last thing that I am annoyed by in this app is that you have to pay money to unlock all of the photos and colors. Other than these three annoyances, the app is pretty good!

It sucks

This game sucks it makes you pay to unlock pictures or watch and ad and nobody likes ads

My stress outlet!

I love this app. I’ve met really fun people and been inspired by their beautiful art! I’ve never run into anyone who was rude or offensive. I love all the possibilities with different colors, effects, and filters. I do pay for this app, and I don’t find many I think are worth paying for, but this one is more than worth it to me. I feel a bit limited by my coloring books and colored pencils now, haha. One thing I would suggest to the developers that I would love to see is the ability to create your own crayon colors. I would import so many more pictures of my own to color if I could make my own crayon colors.


Steep price for any worth coloring, has some cool features but there are only 3 free picture to color. Unless u have loads of cash waiting to be spent on an overpriced virtual coloring book, don’t waste your time.

A administrator disconnected my account

Why I don’t understand why a administrative member will come to my account and disable my work. What did I do wrong? I give you a 1 star because not giving you one won’t be sent to you guys..

It all cost way to much

Why does it all cost some money?!?? I’m sick of it. So people who don’t buy the subscription don’t get to color besides two drawings? Do you know how crazy that is? It’s ridiculous. I can’t even get cool colors. You know I think the colors should be what you get for subscription.


Please don’t have a daily limit I like to send out my “art” to show the color and Beauties of “art” please ether make it a higher limit or no limit.Thank you for reading.-SyfyGladius


This is a really great game but I just want to make an account but it won’t let me..... otherwise really amazing game

Its awesome but

It is relaxing and calming. But you have to buy most of the pictures and it is really annoying. But overall, it is fun and relaxing.


It takes for ever to load I’ve had it for a day and it is still loading


I like it. The idea of app is great. Great job,5 stars

Kind of a rip off

Ok so the game is totally amazing and really Awesome when you get the membership but when you do get the membership it charges you 4$ a week!! When I had to take away the membership because of the stupid charges I was so sad and I couldn’t finish amazing drawings I had started. If the developer is reading this, I need them to make us pay maybe 20$ every 3 months because you make us wait about 13 hours for a new picture. Bad game

This app is awesome

I love this app! It calms u down. My whole family likes it! Sometimes u Ned to zoom in don’t forget that because I did?? So please buy this app because it is AWESOME!!!!!?‍??‍????


The app is super fun except for the fact that you have to pay 14 dollars a month just to get a half decent experience. That’s why you should go with a different coloring app!

Loved it then started to dislike

I just got this app because my best friend showed it to me and it was really cool. One problem i am currently experiencing is that whenever I load a picture, it crashes. Also the crashes are basically stealing my little coins :( when I get back on my coins were spent and my pictures that were imported didn’t save. I tried restoring my purchases and it didn’t work. If the developers read this, I’m asking if this app is compatible with iPad Air first generation. And if u fix this please restore my coins! I have 30 at the moment.....

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