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OMG get this game NOW I mean NOW?????

Its so fun and it not only is so realizing but great way to spend or waste time for example i had to go to a 1 hour drive and when I played the game it went by so so fast


I love this coloring app it definitely puts me in another world! I like to color and to play on my phone so when I heard about this app I knew right away I wanted it...well after the first 5 ads lol. Anyways if u r looking for a stress relieving app and time killer this is what u need. Byee?

Good but one problem

I think this app is great because you get coins and you can buy pictures and there is varieties of so many things , but I’m gonna complain about this . THERE IS A POST LIMIT! The post limit is 5 and it really upsets me because you have to wait 24 hours !

It’s okay...

I’m a coloring book app addict; this is my fourth coloring app I’ve tried. It’s got really cute pictures, but it’s really inconvenient to have to watch a video to color even the free images. Also, the weekly subscription is on the more expensive side. It’s also a pain that you can only publish 5 images a day (as I said, I’m an addict; I color upward of 20 pictures per day). All in all, the coloring part itself is great with a variety of images, color schemes, filters, etc. I just wish it wasn’t so time consuming to access.




I love this game it is amazing.

Ellas Creations

I love this app! I just wish that it didnt require you to buy things. Its so calming and fun. I just dont understand why you need WiFi.


They should really update this app because when I search something up it says pick a category and I do then it just doesn’t cooperate I do that then it takes me to random things I didn’t even search up this app is horrible

RECOLOR IS AMAZINGLY AMAZING it’s just like Facebook!

Recolor is so amazing ? you should get and make a account my name on there is ?_Jacey_? with a capital j THIS CHANGED MY LIFE it’s just like Facebook because I’m seven years old I know this is 9+ (but my mom let me have it cause you just color) and one ☝️ day I asked my mom to make an act she said yes did her email address and bla bla blah I started to get likes like I hope ? this’ll change your life too I play it more often to all those kids that are like 6,7,8,9 and you can’t get Facebook this is so much similar to Facebook that’s the part I love ❤️ about this I give it five tell me your vote ? in your interview bai!! {_/} (~,~) (><) |_|_|

Roseabella Thorn

I love this app! I just wish that there wasn’t a lot of colorings that to color you had to buy. I just wish some more that you didn’t need to buy. Other than that, I love this app and I will keep on doing it.

Good Quality?

Good quality and VERY true to add. It’s much better than most of the other one’s. Tons of selection’s of color. Ps. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a true-to-pic app Thank You ?


I have two problems its a great app and all but its really costly and could you maybe add private chats? It would be nice - Mae Bee

Relaxing, but one issue:

I absolutely love this game. Its so relaxing and calms me down when Im stressed. My only issue is plz get rid of membership. Mostly all the good coloring pages are for members only. I know, I know, you want to make money like any gold digger, but too far guys! Chill. Make most of the pictures NON MEMBER! Bc what if your parents or you are saving money and you stressed out about it? Right? So please get rid of membership or make more photos non-member. Thank you!

Here’s the truth review.....

I heard about this game and definitely got it, soon I learned about the membership. I wanted it so bad so I asked my mom, she said No costs to much. Without the membership I couldn’t use certain colors and do certain pictures. Please lower membership costs. I still use the app. Otherwise it’s pretty good, fun, and extremely addicting game! The unmembership pictures are still pretty cute to! Also it is easy to use but the search is useless. But it is over all a pretty cool app!

Great, but some suggestions

It’s great to use, easy, and fun! I only wish there was a way to connect with your friends, such as through phone number from your contacts. Also, it would be nice if you could DM people. If you could make these changes I would definitely rate 5 stars!!

I love this app

I love this out so much it’s very creative and I can you draw color whenever I get ready so thank you for so much for inventing this wonderful Satisfying game


I HATE art but this app makes it so easy I play it everyday its awesome but I wish there were no things you have to purchase but otherwise its awesome

WARNING: The paid subscription auto-renews, no way in app to opt out!

I purchased year subscription. It auto-renewed after the year and I couldn’t figure out how to cancel. There should have been a way in-app to do it, but if there was, it was pretty well hidden.


I thought it was an app for coloring in book but it’s Auto fill - so you tap to fill color not actually coloring in. Glad I didn’t purchase.

Charges weekly!

It will charge you $7.99 a week!!!!

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