Recolor - Coloring Book App Reviews

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Love this app!

I really enjoy the app. I wish that it wasnt so expensive to purchase. I especially love the 3D. Wish I could do more than one pic a day without the purchase.

Love this app

This is most fun. So many colors and and pictures to pick from. Im elderly and busy so this is my relax time. Worth every penny to subscribe.


Great past time. Not real crazy about all the animal pics. Wish there were more of the message pics.

So fun

You can create your own and its all about you

Half and half

This is game isnt offal but its not the best coloring game everything should be for free and not like points or anything it ruins the whole point of coloring its kinda upsetting


I send a link to my friends to get coins but I dont revive anything all the paintings are really pretty but I cant color them. Can anyone help

Mind game

Very relaxing thing to do.. Relax ur mind.. And it gets u creative in painting..


You pretty much have to pay for all the pages. Little to none free ones

I love it

I think its very addictive and really entertaining


love love love this app, almost worth paying for the extras

LOVE this app!!!

I love to color in actual coloring books with markers, but when Im on the go and cant do that, this is a great substitute! Still very calming and really easy to use.

Hours of Relaxation

I love this app. Best adult coloring app out there. Great details. Great pictures to choose from. 5 star app!!


Very good for mindfulness practice. I wish the extra colors and effects werent so expensive.

Its okay

Nothing super special but its cool

Very Calming 4 me❣️

I really enjoy coloring and the options of free things to color.

Recolor rocks

Its easy to operate and lets me just enjoy coloring

Love this app

Ive been going at it non stop vote 3 days now..... Lol. I feel its too expensive to keep paying so I will be done after the free trial :( great app and even better if you can afford it :)

I love this app, but

I love this app, but i dont like i have to pay monthly or yearly to draw. I rather pay 1 amount for all. But anyway i like the app. It has more options than other apps have.

Very relaxing

And there are enough color options to tap into a persons creative side.


How come I dont get notification for Recolor to earn coin for free pictures

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