Recolor - Coloring Book App Reviews

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This app is AMAZING I love it and I have met and seen so many people and artwork. However, I would like it if we could “chat” with our followers or friends? I understand you can talk in the comments, but everyone can see that. OVERALL ITs so great.

When it works, it’s enjoyable

Quite often when you launch the app, you get “Network Connection Lost” and the app wont work. I can re-install it but that’s a PITA

I LOVE IT!!!!!

It is so fun I got it a year ago and I still cant live without it


Amazing but you’re not able to post more than 5 times a day.

Frickin awesome! But...

I love this app but a lot of things are locked! Can you unlock some things? That would be awesome

I. Loves. Game. So. So. So much

I. Loves. Game. So. So. So Much


This is a fun game I love it I didnt make in app purchases and its still so fun if u do make purchases its even better I love this game and I definitely recommend it ❤️


I am not exactly positive about what to say about this app, I do however like it. I fancy the factor of having a choice to color a 2D picture or a 3D picture. I also adore the variety of colors. Regarding the 3D pictures my only dissatisfaction is when I try to get close to a certain portion it denies me the ability to get close enough to where I can fill it with color. The only other problem I have with this specific app is that there is too many coloring sheets that you have to have recolor pro. I believe there should be more sheets to color for the non in app purchasers. My Regards, Mr. Anonymous


It wont let me color the ones I havent done, other than that its a good game but I feel they should have it were you can unlock the unlockables by giving the game 5 stars


I am really enjoying this app a lot!Its so relaxing I just cant get enough of this!I wanna play this all day!No Lags I enjoy others artwork and I just love to draw and paint.This is like the only app I have.

Free trial

This just a trial, requires money to use.

I could be better

I am a very artistic person and honestly, this app could do A LOT better! The fact that you start off with only 50 coins to go by pictures and you can’t even win or earn more coins is absurd. But when I’m on the go and I don’t have any sketch book and a pencil I come to this app. And the fact that you have to pay a certain amount of money a month just to use metallics rainbows and different other varieties of colors is just, just no. But I have suggested this app to my friend and she seems to love it.

The Bomb!!

I love Recolor! It is way better than colorful because it gives you coins so you can get pictures that you usually pay for for free. I love how you can color any picture even some about wonder my favorite movie and book! It is so stress relieving! I wish that all of them were free and that importing your own pictures would be easier. I really recommend Recolor, Pigment, and Colorfy to you, friends and family

The Update

THIS APP IS AMAZING but the new update is so bad. Nobody is going to use if now what were you thinking. This is a update to my review it’s been a month or two. You fixed the new update back to what it was before thank you very much November 17: This is new update to my post.So WHY would you put the app back to the so stupid update when it was fine before. Not all of have that much money to pay for all of that. And it takes so long to color and you only have a few colors. GO BACK I️ WILL BE WAITING. November 21: Thanks so much for putting the update back to the good one. I️ will be using it a lot .THANKS


By far the best coloring app! But after the update you deleted the “white lines” finalize I’m very upset it’s the only one I enjoyed very disappointed if possible please bring it back or let me know if it’s still there. Thank you!

It was okay until this...

The app was great but when I went to get a template to color the “library” never loaded which is the reason I downloaded it. Not happy with it.

A tiny problem

In general I really like the game, it is very calming and something I enjoy using. There is however 1 problem I had to reset my phone you know erase everything and you would think because I had my email signed up it would keep everything I had been coloring, it didn’t I have nothing apart from that I have no problem with it.


I got the app and it wouldnt let me do anything unless I bought it I am a kid, I have no way to get money so thats with the bad review.

Like if agreed

I give it a 4 four star rate because, only have the stuff is free on here like why cant we color everything?

Best coloring app ever!!!!

I love recolor!!! Best app ever. If your reading this, please download it if you love coloring and be creative!!! I love this app. Everything but how you can only post five things a day, but I dont really care I just love to share my art and see what people think, and see how they see it as art!!

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